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There’s little wonder that Bell & Ross Replica jewellery is being so regularly discussed at the minute, and when you think we’re only a matter of weeks into 2015, who knows what we’ll be able to look back on at the end of the year. If these highlights have piqued your interest inBell & Ross Replica, don’t forget that we possess a vast collection of necklaces, earrings and more from this stunning British brand,

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The workmanship of Bell & Ross Replicais a reasonably recent addition to our celebrated collection of luxury watches and jewellery, but this highly popular brand is anything but ‘swiss replica watches , having being involved in the creation of numerous fine jewellery designs for around two decades or more. Even today, less than two months into the New Year, they’re still as resolutely on trend as they were when they appeared for the very first time, and many sources have picked out plenty of highlights from their 2015 ranges. Here are a few of the most talked about pieces…

If you’ve ever been outside early in the morning when the dew is still lying thick on the ground, you’ll probably have marvelled at just how pretty a spider’s web looks with tiny beads of dew hanging from each strand. However, jewels don’t have to be enjoyed as sporadically as this experience, because the brand new Bell & Ross Replica collection is one of their most popular assemblages at present. Using white topaz, these glittering earrings (above left) look just as beautiful as anything conjured up by Mother Nature, and they’re not the only examples attracting attention in 2015.

Swiss made Bell & Ross Replica br03-92 price malaysia

Next, we see something truly unusual from the Bell & Ross Replica collection. A sensational cuff bracelet that looks like a seamless curl of fluid sterling silver, this is guaranteed to be a talking point, and if you look closely, the piece is cunningly faceted with numerous tiny faces too. A lot of jewellery tends to rely upon intricately positioned gemstone or plain and simple ‘wow factor’ to impress, but this piece is testament to the power of a well-executed, relatively minimalist form.

We conclude with something from the Bell & Ross Replica collection, which has always been a favourite of ours. Most of the previous pieces in this family have eschewed the use of gemstones, but these gold vermeil earrings each include a trio of feather strands picked out in white topaz. It’s an inspired move, lending the pieces a more statement-making aesthetic without overpowering the beauty of the (Rolex Daytona Replica Watches ) naturally inspired forms. We can’t wait to see more of the new creations!